Requiem The Art of Mourning

November 11th 7pm – 10pm

The Dark Art Emporium proudly presents
Group Art Exhibition
Curated by Jeremy Cross

NOVEMBER 11th 2017

Featuring new works by:
Megan Buccere
Terry Ribera
Buddy Nestor
Michael Martin
Janell Chandler
William Zdan
Krystopher Sapp
Christopher Ulrich
Michelle Avery Konczyk
Maria Pabico LaRotonda
Gregory P Rodriguez
Skot Pollock
Kelly Vetter
Craig LaRotonda
Carin A. Hazmat
Rachael Bridge
Tatomir Pitaru
Dan Harding
Dos Diablos
Jennifer Parks
Matthew Bone
Scott Holloway
Jeremy Cross
Erick De La Vega
Clint Carney
David Van Gough
Meagan Magpie Rodgers
Lara Dann
Michael Mararian
Jasmine Worth
Cam Rackam
Hanna Jaeun
Jen Ena
Tim Lee

“At its best ART is a personal reflection of our lives, the world around us, the atmosphere in which we exist. Creating a mirror of the artists perception of that universe filtered with emotion and intent. And what is more unifying and encompassing a theme than the inescapability of death and the act of mourning? Depictions of death are as old as the act of creating art itself. Some of our most iconic works have been illustrations of that most final of moments. From graphic religious frescos depicting the death of christ and imagined landscapes of the afterlife to Andy Warhols “Death and disaster series” . Every era, phase, & movement has had its own that have found inspiration in this theme. The “Dance of Death” popularized during the middles ages shows a closeness with death. It lives along side us, and is unescapable. ‘Death Struggle” by Edvard Munch depicts the romanticism of Victorian mourning, with the fashions and trappings of that era in the forefront of the piece. Even Damien Hirsts works can be interpreted as challenging death, or perhaps encapsulating it, in an attempt to further distance ourselves from its reality. I have a strong personal fascination with Victorian Mourning Culture. Family photos with the recently deceased, Art and jewelry made from the hair of loved ones, even the fashions designed specifically for that purpose. All beautiful and haunting in a way that was once completely culturally accepted. We lived closer to death back then. Much of this imagery has become somewhat taboo in more current times. We have created a distance between life and death that is only a luxury to us now as our lives are longer, as the funerary industry has taken over the caring for our dead, as we have in many ways, been released from the burdens associated with death. But Mourning is a mainstay. We will all mourn the loss of someone if not many people while we live. And how we mourn, the way we allow death to effect us is, like art itself, intensely personal and profound.”

With “REQUIEM” I have asked each of the artists to interpret this theme as they saw fit. And each of them was selected because i knew that they would bring a unique vision to the show. I was honored to have such an elite group of creatives willing to attack this theme.

I cordially invite you into our sanctuary to join us in this wake. As we celebrate life through the art of mourning.
-Jeremy Cross
Curator & Artist
FB, IG, Twitter – @JeremyCrossArt